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Posted by EMG478 - October 2nd, 2021

Just feel like dumping some thoughts. So I’ve recently started animating stuff as you may know and I’ll be real, it’s some of the most fun I’ve had as an artist in a long time. Animation has always been a fantasy of mine. Ever since I was a kid in elementary school I had all these ideas swirling around in my head. I would make up so many characters, so many stories, and visualize them all in my head. I basically made my own cartoons to watch in my head. But for the longest time I was never able to visualize a single thing I imagined. It wasn’t until middle school that I started drawing. It was such an interesting point in my life looking back on it. I never thought about being an artist when I was younger. I had no ambition to create art or make it my goal in life, to be a skilled artist and animator. It was always just fun day dreaming that I never thought would get realized. And now it’s become my passion. 5 years later since I started drawing, I have improved so much, I have been able to put my ideas on paper or on a screen instead of just keeping them in my brain doing nothing with them. And now, I can animate! Knowing that I am capable of animation is an incredible feeling of excitement. Even if I’ve only been doing it for a little over a week, it’s still enough for me to know that I can really do it. It’s just about my motivation and the effort I put in. I don’t know what I’ll create in the future. I don’t know what’s in store for me as an artist. The least I can do is just keep improving, and hopefully good stuff will come out of it. I don’t know I’m just saying random shit haha.

I guess I can end off by saying that your dreams don’t have to be out of the realm of possibility. If you put in the effort and push yourself to achieve, without hurting yourself or others, greatness will come your way. Sounds really cringe but I’m too lazy to word it differently. Just do your best.

ok bye



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