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EMG478's News

Posted by EMG478 - January 30th, 2023

My FLAS for fever town's newest update

(includes a few unfinished and unused ones)

The update finally released so yayyyy

Play it!! :D



Posted by EMG478 - January 30th, 2023

My FLAS for fever towns newest update

(includes a few unfinished ones)

The update finally released so yayyyy

Play it!! :D



Posted by EMG478 - January 6th, 2023


With no promises on a big boost of activity from me, I am cozy and happy with how I've been doing mentally, physically and creaitvely. And with how much I achieved last year, I'm even more relieved to be consistently improving in all those areas. And I'm happy to be able to say that. Yay.

Okie bye 🧡

Posted by EMG478 - August 25th, 2022


Here are all of my fnf flas that I am able to post publicly. Majority of these are unfinished but still might as well put em' somewhere. Enjoy!

Posted by EMG478 - August 16th, 2022

I've never been into social media. I tend to veer from it which is why a lot of peeps dont really know what's poppin' with me, what i'm doing with my free time, etc.

Well with my departure from the fnf modding scene and my temporary hiatus from twitter, i've actually been the best I have been in forever. My current goal is to establish myself more as a dedicated creative publically. I get scared of demotivation and pressure which is why i'm so quiet about what I do, but I am pushing myself more and more without over doing anything either. My dreams to produce animated content and even dabble with game dev have felt more possible than ever before and I'm really hoping to share it as I try and try and try.

And while I've shown a lot of my own ideas before I haven't done it in full force. I really haven't put myself out there enough and maybe that itself has been demotivating lol. In short I got hella stuff I can show you peeps and It'll be awesome I promise. :]


Posted by EMG478 - March 3rd, 2022

Back to Newgrounds my beloved


Posted by EMG478 - November 28th, 2021

Been busy doing animating stuff. Haven't really had the time or drive to just sit down and draw lately.

Will start posting stuff here on the reg eventually. A mix of OC stuff, FNF, and just fanart for other things I like.

Idk just feel like posting some news again.

Ok bye.

Posted by EMG478 - November 2nd, 2021

It's been over a month since I posted somehthing.

Basically a good chunk of stuff has happened.

First, I got my first job. I'm working part time at a grocery store. It's nothing crazy and it pays well, and I'm very happy I was able to start working my first job so soon. It gets me outside more and I can interact with people more often. I'm glad I can support myself now and start doing something that makes me feel productive. It's really good for me. For now at least.

Second, I'm working on my first fnf mod. The vs. Minus Taki mod. As of right now its just me and the musician working on it. I'm able to do all the art and animation, and I've been learning psyche engine so I can make it playable. Only thing I know I can't do is music, so thankfully I have someone helping me with that, I wont say who but they're are a very nice and talented person and I hope they pull through.

Third and oooh boy its a big one, I've constantly been thinking about abandoning my Twitter. I know, such a big step in my life lol but let me explain why I even bother talking about this.

Before fnf, I was never into Twitter, I did post my art there but I never took it seriously and never gained any attention. Now after fnf I have gained over 800 followers, and my thoughts about the site still remain the same. I hate it. Twitter is too much for me. Simply opening the site gives me anxiety. I feel like it emphasizes numbers and getting lucky with the algorithim. I don't like how the number of likes I get on a post has a legit effect on my mood and feelings, I don't want that, but I feel like Twitter is all about that and it's upseting to me, that it actually effects me in some way. There's so much shit I'm exposed to that just puts me in a bad mood and soils my day. I see arguments, so many depressing things and sometimes people literally venting about commiting suicide. I can't handle that. As much sympathy I have for those people going through horrible shit, it just makes me feel even worse that all I can do is leave a like, retweet or reply. Fuck that. I don't want to be in that part of social media anymore. For the sake of my mental health, I can't stay there much longer.

After the Minus Taki mod comes out, if and when that happens, I will move to NewGrounds as my main. I might even delete my Twitter just to not even think about it. I will also use Insta in the background as well. I just wanna have fun creating and posting art again. And as much as this seems like a dumb vent post, I am in a good mood and looking forward to the future. Well that's it.

Keep your head up. Do what makes you happy. Create stuff you can be proud of.

Ok bye :D


Posted by EMG478 - October 2nd, 2021

Just feel like dumping some thoughts. So I’ve recently started animating stuff as you may know and I’ll be real, it’s some of the most fun I’ve had as an artist in a long time. Animation has always been a fantasy of mine. Ever since I was a kid in elementary school I had all these ideas swirling around in my head. I would make up so many characters, so many stories, and visualize them all in my head. I basically made my own cartoons to watch in my head. But for the longest time I was never able to visualize a single thing I imagined. It wasn’t until middle school that I started drawing. It was such an interesting point in my life looking back on it. I never thought about being an artist when I was younger. I had no ambition to create art or make it my goal in life, to be a skilled artist and animator. It was always just fun day dreaming that I never thought would get realized. And now it’s become my passion. 5 years later since I started drawing, I have improved so much, I have been able to put my ideas on paper or on a screen instead of just keeping them in my brain doing nothing with them. And now, I can animate! Knowing that I am capable of animation is an incredible feeling of excitement. Even if I’ve only been doing it for a little over a week, it’s still enough for me to know that I can really do it. It’s just about my motivation and the effort I put in. I don’t know what I’ll create in the future. I don’t know what’s in store for me as an artist. The least I can do is just keep improving, and hopefully good stuff will come out of it. I don’t know I’m just saying random shit haha.

I guess I can end off by saying that your dreams don’t have to be out of the realm of possibility. If you put in the effort and push yourself to achieve, without hurting yourself or others, greatness will come your way. Sounds really cringe but I’m too lazy to word it differently. Just do your best.

ok bye


Posted by EMG478 - September 18th, 2021


I think my artblock is starting to go away. I tried drawing today and it went very well. I still don't feel like posting anything on NG or Twitter quite yet. Whenever I've posted something recently I get bad anxiety for some reason. Just not in a posting mood I suppose, and I don't know how long that will last.

Anyways I had the idea to start doing a end of the week post on my NG. Every sunday I'll recap my new favorite music, new favorite artists, games, and maybe just an update on what's going on in my personal life. It would be a nice way to I guess share how I'm doing while also shouting out some creators on this site. And since it's once a week its not like it would be hard to be consistent with, so yeah, just something for me to do.

That's about it. Have a good day whoever may be reading this. :D