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Posted by EMG478 - November 2nd, 2021

It's been over a month since I posted somehthing.

Basically a good chunk of stuff has happened.

First, I got my first job. I'm working part time at a grocery store. It's nothing crazy and it pays well, and I'm very happy I was able to start working my first job so soon. It gets me outside more and I can interact with people more often. I'm glad I can support myself now and start doing something that makes me feel productive. It's really good for me. For now at least.

Second, I'm working on my first fnf mod. The vs. Minus Taki mod. As of right now its just me and the musician working on it. I'm able to do all the art and animation, and I've been learning psyche engine so I can make it playable. Only thing I know I can't do is music, so thankfully I have someone helping me with that, I wont say who but they're are a very nice and talented person and I hope they pull through.

Third and oooh boy its a big one, I've constantly been thinking about abandoning my Twitter. I know, such a big step in my life lol but let me explain why I even bother talking about this.

Before fnf, I was never into Twitter, I did post my art there but I never took it seriously and never gained any attention. Now after fnf I have gained over 800 followers, and my thoughts about the site still remain the same. I hate it. Twitter is too much for me. Simply opening the site gives me anxiety. I feel like it emphasizes numbers and getting lucky with the algorithim. I don't like how the number of likes I get on a post has a legit effect on my mood and feelings, I don't want that, but I feel like Twitter is all about that and it's upseting to me, that it actually effects me in some way. There's so much shit I'm exposed to that just puts me in a bad mood and soils my day. I see arguments, so many depressing things and sometimes people literally venting about commiting suicide. I can't handle that. As much sympathy I have for those people going through horrible shit, it just makes me feel even worse that all I can do is leave a like, retweet or reply. Fuck that. I don't want to be in that part of social media anymore. For the sake of my mental health, I can't stay there much longer.

After the Minus Taki mod comes out, if and when that happens, I will move to NewGrounds as my main. I might even delete my Twitter just to not even think about it. I will also use Insta in the background as well. I just wanna have fun creating and posting art again. And as much as this seems like a dumb vent post, I am in a good mood and looking forward to the future. Well that's it.

Keep your head up. Do what makes you happy. Create stuff you can be proud of.

Ok bye :D



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