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Game is nice and fun. The archery feature is interesting, although the bows rotation feel a bit too slow, but that's probably just personal preference by me. Either way I liked playing it

This is nice. I got stuck on the last few levels, but still thoroughly enjoyed myself
A few things
-Make a button, like r, act as a quick restart. Having to pause and go down to restart is a little slow
-When you die it should reset all the positionings of the blocks. I had a glitch where I fell off and got stuck in a block when I respawned, which allowed me to move it in a way I shouldn't have been able to.
Aside from that, very fun and simple

This is sick! It has all the parts of a platformer I love; wall jump, double jump, an attack that also functions as a dash, a wall cling, and you can use all of these moves interchangably, and it all feels really fluid. Really looking foward to see where this goes!

It'd be nice if there was a quicker way to restart
But this still a nice reaction game with a charming artstyle that keeps me interested haha

Fun. I love top down shooters. Tho I wish the movement was less slippery.

Cool. Kind of hard for me since I'm not very good at puzzle games. But ignoring my lack of skill, good game.

Very fun puzzle game with a clever mechanic. Played all the way through.
Only question, is there a way to cancel the teleport with a button press?

I dig this gameplay. It's challenging but kind of addicting. It feels nice to move around, although the level feels hard to navigate when there is a bunch of enemies.

Spebby responds:

Yeah that's something that's bugged us as well. If we update the game, the level will likely be changed.

Nice little game. Could've used some more challenge. Maybe enemies that focused more on attacking the player than the egg

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